Q1: What’s different between the Classic and the Luxury?

Based on the absorption and softness, the Luxury strength the absorption, placed the comfy-stretch 3D waistband, integrated the softer material into the nappy that make it feels like carrying in mum’s arms.

Q2: Are the products bought online the same as those in the physical stores?

The products from JDcom and Joyhands official website are directly supplied from manufactures, to ensure they are 100% real.

Q3: Are the quality of the Economy pack the same as the Individuals?

Whatever the package is, our quality is guaranteed.

Q4: Are Joyhands products safe for my baby?

bsolutely. Children’s safety and healthy is our primary duty.We choose nature material without chemistry from ingredients to production. Our nappies are hypoallergenic and free of alcohol, fragrance, formaldehyde, heavy metals,lead and chlorine, alternative to the harmful additives, preservatives and chemicals. Safety and comfort in use for both mothers and children.

Q5: Do Joyhands nappies smell?

Our product are made recently that brings a little harmless smell of ingredient.

Q6: Are there distinct by day or by night?

On average, the Classic could be used in the daytime, while the Luxury with larger absorption could be used at night.


Q1: How can I reach the customer service? Do you have a hot line I can call?

The Best way to reach customer service is to follow our official wechat account: joyhands. You could dial our hot line 400-822-1518. Please allow 24 hours of response.

Q2: I’m interested in doing a collaboration, do you have a collaboration program?

please email us at

Q3: How can i get my children’s photos of cute Joyhands product to post on your official website?

Welcome to join our Joyhands family doing awesome things. Follow our official wechat account: joyhands, and send your lovely picture to us. We will choose some cute photos and post on our official website. You will get cash bonus if your photos are elected.



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